Our dynamic platform lets you scrub, enhance, focus, and polish your ConnectWise data

ConnectWise partners are well known throughout the industry as perfectionists. They demand optimized solutions that allow their data to work as hard as possible. That’s the rationale for Nex.to’s suite of smart data tools: Our Client Satisfaction (CSAT) Measurement and Email Analytics tools are both designed from the ground up to the Cloud to help you get the most out of ConnectWise and support your business success.

Nex.to is always accessible—however you connect to the Internet. The graphic interface is a pleasure to use on any device.

Cloud Based

Nex.to lives in the cloud so there’s nothing to install, host, or manage.


Nex.to scales up to accommodate traffic spikes or user growth—on demand.


We use ConnectWise APIs, so Nex.to is plug-and-play for all partners.

Five-nines-reliable and secure

To date, Nex.to has not experienced an outage lasting more than a few minutes; no bugs have affected our core technology. And our platform is fully secured using HTTPS.

Sophisticated technology with an elegant interface

All of these features and benefits result from the latest tools and technology used to develop Nex.to. Our team employs a test-driven process. All code is peer-reviewed multiple times and then diligently QA’d.

Our goal is to produce a product that users can actually enjoy, because it’s trouble-free—both to maintain and to use. Our partners describe Nex.to as “beautifully designed,” “fast and simple,” and “a huge benefit.”

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